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Native Safaris Journeys transform lives!


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Native Safaris Journeys transform lives! We even let you plan the safari yourself and the route you want to take. Discover some of Africa’s truly unspoiled wilderness areas with us.


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All the adventure stories from conservation news, safari updates, reviews, photo blogs, wildlife sightings and stories from the people in the areas we travel to, it’s all here and constantly updated with even some live updates from on going safaris.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp; bespoke luxury in the wild, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ishasha Wilderness Camp Throughout our safaris in Uganda, we have come across different forms and types of safari lodges but Ishasha Wilderness Camp is high up there and in the simplest of terms, Ishasha

Rwakobo Rock, a hidden gem with stunning location outside Lake Mburo National Park

Rwakobo Rock In all our journeys and intrepid explorations, we have seen the top and the bottom from all angle but we have a special attachment to this place. It is one of those


Our Journeys transform Lives

We aim to share wild areas, to inform about the African people and their lifestyles, with visitors from all over the world and at the same time helping to develop resources and ensure the protection of Africa’s wildlife heritage.


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