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Filming and Research Crew Safaris

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Filming and Research Crew Safaris

At Native Safaris, we have many years of experience in providing logistical support to film crews in East Africa and the other regions we operate; for example in collaboration with Afriscreen Films, members of our team worked on providing logistical support for BBC’s Top Gear Africa Special 2013 in Uganda. Due to  the remoteness of many of the region’s best filming locations, it is essential for film crews to team up with a company that has an intimate knowledge of the local logistics. Native Safaris can provide this support and we are ready to help you create that special film or documentary through our Native Media department that does filming throughout the regions.

Through our core business of conducting research and conservation work across Uganda and other  countries in East Africa, Native Safaris has developed formidable organisational capacity in the following fields; if your field or area is not listed here please do contact us we will be sure to be able to help.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) development and analysis
  • Wildlife Mapping, mammal telemetry, trapping, measuring and tagging
  • Mist netting and bird ringing
  • Wildlife Ecological Research and monitoring surveys
  • Avian tagging and monitoring
  • Radio and satellite-tracking
  • Contaminated site assessment
  • Wildlife Data entry and Field Logistics
  • Big cat and predator research

We offer these specialist services at affordable rates to organisations and individuals whose work is in line with Native Safaris’ vision.

By choosing to travel with Native Safaris, it is possible to have the journey of your life, while also making a real contribution to the future preservation of global biodiversity.

Even in the countries we don’t run our safaris yet, we have capacity and the contacts to carry out research in various fields for individuals and organisations in addition to providing logistical support to filming crews. We can also film and offer professional photography in several locations in Africa including some of the very remote and hardest to reach areas. You will be surprised at how far we can go for you.

Quick Facts


Scientific Researchers and Study groups, Filming Crews, Conservation studies teams, Pro and Novice photographers and Wildlife enthusiasts.


Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Rhinoceros, Crocodile, Giraffe, Ostrich, Zebra, Impala, Elephant, Hyena, Buffalo, Mountain Gorilla and Eland, over 1000 recorded species of birds


Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, DRC

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Wildlife Safaris in Uganda - Leopard
Wildlife Safaris in Uganda - Leopard

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We pride ourselves on tailoring each safari to the individual. The first step to planning a truly tailor-made safari is to get in touch.




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