Ishasha Wilderness Camp; bespoke luxury in the wild, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ishasha Wilderness Camp

Throughout our safaris in Uganda, we have come across different forms and types of safari lodges but Ishasha Wilderness Camp is high up there and in the simplest of terms, Ishasha Wilderness camp is luxury understated. Ishasha Wilderness Camp is situated inside the Southern Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Ntungwe river, and is an idyllic retreat for people who truly enjoy the wilderness.

Stunningly constructed

This amazingly constructed camp, by the river is what any safari enthusiast should visit in a lifetime. Ishasha Wilderness Camp is situated inside the Southern Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Ntungwe river, and is an idyllic retreat for people who truly enjoy the wilderness. This exclusive camp offers quality accommodation and services in this unspoilt remote southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park famous for its tree-climbing lions that can sometimes be spotted resting in the branches of the large fig trees in the area.

On arrival at the camp, you will be welcomed by a camp guide who will take you to the main lounge for a briefing on how the Camp runs. Of course, a glass of fresh juice or a cup of tea is there for you even as you are taken through the camp information necessary for your happy and safe stay. The staff are very lovely and are knowledgeable about everything in the camp.

You will then be guided and taken to your luxury room/tent. Each of the ten spacious framed canvas rooms, situated in the wooded area besides the river, is comfortably furnished and with large mosquito netted beds, its own private en suite bathroom and dressing area providing running water, hot water ‘bush’ showers and a flushing eco-friendly toilet.

A central lounge and dining area, under a cool thatched roof, provides a comfortable environment for meals and relaxing during the day. There is a good collection of books to read as you relax in this gorgeous luxury camp. A shaded area beside the river offers al fresco dining and an evening ‘fireplace’ for guests to relax with sundowners and share their day’s experience.

Hot beverages are available throughout the day on a self-service basis, and are delivered to your tent with early morning wake up calls as required, allowing you to savour the early morning sounds of the ‘bush’ awakening.

On a fine day, you will head off into the wild for a serene Bush breakfast before returning to the Ishasha Wilderness Camp where you could sit and relax by the river or head off to your next destination or even do any of your scheduled activities like game drives in the Ishasha sector.

At any time, while in camp, it is possible to have sightings of elephants, buffalos and maybe Henry, the lonesome hippo, across the river from your luxury tent.

The one thing not to forget is that Ishasha Wilderness Camp is in the park and at night, anything lurks around, from Buffalo, lions, elephants and the many other inquisitive animals. The Camp management is aware of this and they have armed rangers that patrol the camp for security reasons and only for making your stay, as safe as it should.

This is where I was seated on the day of the lioness encounter

A surprise life changing encounter during one of my visits

There was this night when we were the only guests in the camp and we had just finished our dinner while waited for our dessert, my friend decided to borrow my head torch and go to pick her sweater from her room. After about two minutes, I heard this sparking sound of dry leaves being trodden on smoothly by something I could not see in the dim light. I decided to stand and take a closer view just by the craft shop and to my astonishment, a lioness had paid us a visit and she was walking just by the main lounge and headed towards the craft shop (maybe she wanted to do some shopping). She walked very gently, turned a bit and saw this young man looking at her with the kind of expression as if she was asking…”You mean you have never seen a lioness this beautiful…”.

Out of excitement, I quietly followed and in a slow harsh coarse voice, called my friend who was now coming back from the tent.

Her faster movement rather “frightened” our surprised visitor and she ran away and hid behind the craft shop. We torched around, and the bright torch shone directly into her eyes at a far off distance. The lioness just gently walked away, through the staff quarters and off she disappeared into the wilderness.

That is the Ishasha Wilderness for you…pristine, undisturbed and amazingly special.

Getting There – Ishasha

Co-ordinates of the Camp are: Lat S00′ 33.110″, Lon E029′ 43.278″

By Road

The Ishasha sector of the park is a full day’s drive from Entebbe or Kampala, four hours drive from Fort Portal, six hours drive from Lake Mburo, and two hours drive from Queen Elizabeth National Park (Mweya Peninsula) to the North or two hours from Bwindi Impenetrable forest to the south.

By Air

Charter and Scheduled flights can land at Ishasha airstrip followed by a 20 min drive to camp or at Kihihi aistrip, approximately 45minutes drive away from the camp.

Ishasha is a year-round destination and the camp is open throughout the year. As the seasons change so do the variety and amount of game in the area. Visibility for views is better in the wetter months – April, May and early December. The drier months are June through to October and January through to March.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is situated in South West of Uganda in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is open all year round and is ideal to include in any safari that travels to the south west of Uganda.


Contact us if you would like to travel with us to Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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