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Are human viruses killing world’s last remaining gorillas?

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They are the world's largest primates and yet the constant threat of poaching, deforestation and human diseases means that soon the world's mountain gorillas could be completely wiped out. Living in the dense forests of Central Africa -- in the Virunga Mountains spanning Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Bwindi Impenetrable

Chimpanzees Like to Sleep on Beds Made of Sturdy Ugandan Ironwood, Researchers Find

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The study on Chimpanzee sleeping habits was conducted by researchers at University of Nevada Indiana University. The team found that the Ugandan Ironwood is tough and provides the chimpanzees a stable, firm bed. The research also advances the idea that good sleep was linked to primates evolving into humans, National Geographic reported. It is known that chimpanzees

Melting away: Vanishing ice warning for ‘Africa’s Alps’, the Rwenzori Mountains

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Ice on the Rwenzori mountain range is melting at "disturbing" rates, and within two decades Africa's equatorial peaks will be bare rock. At 5 109m, the jagged peak of Mount Stanley of the dramatic Rwenzori mountain range is the third highest mountain in Africa. In swirling snow, John Medenge prods a thin ice bridge over